Can’t Miss Open Houses This Saturday

November 17th, 2017
by vanessa

You don’t have plans this Saturday (November 18th) right? If you do, cancel them!

With two huge open houses for incredible properties, you don’t want to miss out. Saturday, November 18th, we will be showing off to incredible properties.

3660 Northlake Drive, Doraville

3660 Northake Drive - Front

The first open house, you’ll want to hit early. It starts at 2pm and will run until 5pm, but get there early and see this incredible mid-century modern home.

This property has all kinds of new features including a newly renovated kitchen, three newly renovated bathrooms and more. It’s a one-of-a-kind property offering so much for just $399,000.

Swing by this open house, check out the property and even consider putting in an offer if you like what you see. The home offers tons of curb appeal, which you will notice as soon as you arrive.

In addition, the windows are massive, the trees are mature and you’ll feel like you’ve become a part of the natural setting around you. Find out more about the property at 3660 Northlake Drive here.

3660 Northake Drive Living Room

3515 Regalwoods Drive, Atlanta

This Mid-Century Double Decker offers so much more than anything you could dream up. Check it out on Saturday, November 18th from 3pm to 6pm after you’ve hit up the property at 3660 Northlake Drive!

3515 Regalwoods Drive Front

Not only is this an open house for viewing the amazing property, but it’s also an incredible event. Come out for BBQ provided by Smoke One BBQ and bring the kids. There will be face painting for the kids starting at 4pm.

In addition, we will have a silent auction to benefit the elementary school’s art program in the neighborhood. Some of the items up for grabs include a pet intuitive reading, custom artist rendering of your home, an artisan leather wallet and an architectural design consultation.

Come by the open house for the food and fun, but make sure you check out the incredible property, too.

The home at 3515 Regalwoods Drive includes two master suites and four total bedrooms. All the bedrooms are very big with walk-in closets and so much more.

3515 Regalwoods Drive Kitchen

The kitchen offers a dove grey cabinet color with a glazed backsplash, a breakfast room, a bar area and everything you could imagine in a mid-century modern kitchen.

3515 Regalwoods Drive Floating Staircase

The original floating staircase is part of the homes charm, while the yellow front door offers the perfect way to invite people into your home. Tons of natural light comes in through the huge picture windows.

Discover every last one of the 2,400 square feet, enjoy a little BBQ and even let the kids get their faces painted! You don’t want to miss out on this open house, but why not hit up both properties at the same time?

If you’re driving, you’ll be able to see both properties without any issue. They are less than a mile from each other and you can even walk, if you prefer. The walk will take about 15 to 20 minutes and provides the perfect way to work off the delicious BBQ!

Whether you start with the property at 3660 Northlake Drive or you show up at 3513 Regalwoods Drive, make sure you see both of these beautifully renovated mid-century modern homes on Saturday, November 18th.

3660 Northlake Drive in Doraville – Just Listed!!

November 16th, 2017
by vanessa

Just in time for the holiday season, this beautiful mid-century modern home will be on display Saturday, November 18th from 2pm to 5pm during our open house event. If you’re curious about mid-century modern homes or you’re a serious buyer, come out to 3660 Northlake Drive in Doraville to view one of the most unique properties you’ll find in the area.

A Rustic, Mid-Century Modern Home

3660 Northlake Drive - Front

A recently renovated kitchen awaits for all your holiday cooking needs. This home is ready to go with plenty of rustic charm and newer features.

The inviting living room is perfect for your holiday gatherings. Imagine guests looking on in amazement when they see the tongue and groove ceilings or step onto the beautiful hardwood floors.

3660 Northlake Drive Living Room

Even if you don’t host the holidays, this home is the perfect place to escape all the craziness this time of year brings. You can enjoy a working fireplace and the tiki bar downstairs as you relax in your new den.

The home is found in Northcrest, a popular neighborhood. It comes with three completely renovated bathrooms, a new kitchen, new windows, a newer rood and a newer HVAC system. The street is very quiet and the home is situated towards the rear of the neighborhood.

When you arrive on Saturday, November 18th for the open house, you’ll quickly realize how much curb appeal this home brings to the table. The lush lot offers a large, private backyard and plenty to be excited about.

A Holiday Gift for You

You’ll be spending the next month buying gifts for everybody else, why not get a gift for yourself? This mid-century modern home provides the perfect gift with plenty of new features and a great way to ring in the New Year. There’s even a bonus room you can turn into a gym, if you’re resolution is to lose a few pounds.

The home comes complete with four bedrooms and three bathrooms. Many areas have been fully renovated, yet the home includes plenty of the mid-century modern touches you desire. The open concept and walls of windows will make you feel like you’re one with nature on a daily basis.

3660 Northlake Drive Kitchen

The kitchen was fully renovated with stainless steel appliances, beautiful cabinetry and the perfect countertops for any chef. It’s spacious and very functional with a great flow for entertaining or just cooking dinner for the family.

3660 Northlake Drive Bathroom

If you’ve been dreaming of spa-like bathrooms, the property at 3660 Northlake Drive is the right choice for you. The bathrooms all been completely renovated with spa-like features and fixtures.

In addition to the interior features, you’ll get to enjoy a large backyard with a patio and plenty of mature trees on the property. The front of the home offers a small duct and covered parking is another feature you’ll get to enjoy when this mid-century modern home becomes your gift to yourself.

3660 Northlake Drive Back

If you’re interested in viewing this home, stop by on Saturday, November 18th between 2pm and 5pm. You’ll certainly gain a new appreciation for how awesome this home is when you see it in person.

Spring is only 111 days away…

November 11th, 2017
by vanessa

Are you tired of blowing leaves off of your roof? Do you worry about the day you’ll have to replace your hot water heater? Whenyou get your property tax bill in the mail do you get an overwhelming feeling of nausea? Have the kids moved out and now you’re left with a bunch of empty rooms collecting dust that you spend money on heating and cooling??

Spring Home Selling

Relax, take a deep breath. No need to visit your local urgent care. You, like so many homeowners, have a classic case of

This common condition can cause stress, depression, fatigue and ulcers. But there’s hope. Call us today to get your life back on track. We will take the time to analyze your personal situation and put a marketing plan together that meets your exact needs.

Spring is only 156 days away and that is plenty of time to get ready for the 2018 spring selling market!! And folks, 2018 is going to be off the charts… with inventory low and half of Hollywood moving to Atlanta NOW IS THE TIME TO SELL!!! Aren’t you ready to live in a beach front condo or mountain cabin retreat? Haven’t you always wanted to travel the country in an Airstream or own your very own tiny house DEBT FREE?? Now is the time!

Spring Home Market

Why are you holding onto over 25 boxes of Christmas tree ornaments in your basement? How often do you really use that garage full of tools? Why the heck do you own 3 lawn mowers when you are paying $200 a month for someone else to mow your lawn!?!? Who are you trying to impress anyway? The Jones’s already moved to their picture perfect mountain house and have turned vegan. You should know because they post pictures of their plant based lifestyle morning, noon and night on Facebook. I mean seriously, who do they think they are trying to be all happy and stuff!?

With our expertise and advise we will have you and your house ready to receive multiple offers and SOLD in the blink of an eye! You will feel free, happy, elated, beautiful and RICH, oh so RICH. Plus you’ll be ready to take on your next adventure in life, whatever that might be!!

Spring Selling Season

Call Vanessa Reilly 404.556.1733 today to set up a private selling consultation. Or, if you live in another state outside of GA we have a network of amazing Realtor friends who are just as awesome as us and can help you sell so you can move to Atlanta!!

The Small Print: No doctors were consulted during the writing of this email.
MustMove-itus is a made up sickness that is purely fiction and used in the marketing of Real Estate transactions.

625 Valley Hall Drive, Sandy Springs – Just Listed!

November 8th, 2017
by vanessa

A Sandy Springs modern home, no call it a treehouse unlike anything you’ve ever seen, the property at 625 Valley Hall Drive in Sandy Springs is currently offered at $499K. It will literally take your breath way as you walk in and realize there are walls of windows making you feel like you’re right outside in nature.

The paneling is made of solid Redwood and Teak, which helps to make the home feel very warm and cozy. Very high ceilings, plenty of living space and the unique design of this inspiring treehouse make it one of the coolest properties on the market today.

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Uniqueness Around Every Corner

It’s a treehouse, which is already unique enough, but the uniqueness doesn’t end. This is simply a home you have to see, as you’ve never experienced anything like it. The home features a new, multi-level deck made of Brazilian cherry. The deck overlooks the nature preserve, which has been untouched. The best part; You Don’t Ever Have to Mow Grass!

Along with the deck, the home at 625 Valley Hall Drive in Sandy Springs, Georgia features new paint, a newer roof, enameled floors in the basement and garage, along with plenty of extra storage.

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The garage and basement are perfect for those looking to enjoy a work room, artist studio or hobby room as a part of their home. With great light and a private half bath in the basement, it’s a unique space you can enjoy for hours.

The kitchen features an island with barstools and a very open concept making this home great for entertaining. Just like most of the rooms in this modern treehouse, the kitchen also features large windows making for spectacular views. You’ll feel like you’re preparing a meal right in the trees!

Along with an open concept kitchen, there’s a built-in bar for entertaining. It’s well-designed with a unique look and a wood bar top. The bar offers a second area for entertaining and can be completed with bar stools for guest seating.

Sandy Springs Modern Homes, Sandy Springs Homes for sale, Modern Atlanta Homes, Modern Sandy Springs Homes, Mid-Century Modern Homes, Mid-Century Homes, Sandy Springs Estates, Dunwoody Homes for Sale, Roswell Homes for sale

The home itself is a five bedroom, three full bathrooms and two half bathroom homes. It has a full basement and provides a ton of living space. Two fireplaces are found within the home and the location can’t be beat.

The property at 625 Valley Hall drive is less than two miles from Dunwoody, which provides plenty of dining and shopping options. It’s also very close to the golf club, yet the home is tucked away in nature for incredible privacy. It’s surrounded by million dollar estates and expected to sell very fast.

Home buyers seeking a unique property in Sandy Springs will live this modern treehouse. It’s one of those properties you just have to see to believe. With so many unique features and beautiful views, it will be hard to say no to this home.

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If you’ve been searching for a place you can enjoy the serenity of nature, yet you prefer the modern conveniences many homes offer today, the property at 625 Valley Hall Drive is sure to impress you.

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Bellwood Quarry: Atlanta’s Largest Park

November 7th, 2017
by vanessa

Come 2019, the park that will be debuting at Bellwood Quarry will become the largest in Atlanta. According to plans, the first phase of development will include adding functional greenspace, which will be ready for the public in just two years.

The plans to transform this abandoned granite quarry found to the west of Midtown were reveals years ago. The goal will be to create the largest park in Atlanta and it will even include a lake.

About two years ago, real plans started to emerge for about a 280-acre greenspace at the quarry. Bids were even solicited by the city last year and plans now reveal that Westside Reservoir Park, the first phase, will be ready within two years.

Bellwood Quarry

The opening date was announced when the city toured the site for the park. At the touring event, a glimpse into the future as provided as officials showed off potential features of the park, which included a beautiful vista of the Atlanta skyline.

The park will end up featuring an upper and a lower meadow design and public input will help to finalize the plans. Work is already underway to move water from the Hemphill water treatment plant to the Chattahoochee River via the quarry. This will allow about 2 billion gallons of water to be diverted to the quarry site.

When completed, the reservoir will be able to hold about a one month supply of clean water for Atlanta residents. Features of the park will also include playgrounds, walking trails, recreation opportunities and a connection to the Beltline Westside Trail.

While the first phase of the greenspace is expected to be open in just two years, complete development of the site isn’t expected to be done until 2030. When completed, the entire park will cover about 350 acres, which is more than twice the size of Piedmont Park.

One day, the greenspace may include recreational facilities, athletic field, an amphitheater and a 45-acre reservoir. This is all expecting to cost more than $300 million. Here’s a look at the Bellwood Quarry from above.

Filling the Quarry

Before the city can start developing the site, it must fill the Bellwood Quarry with water. The water will come from the Chattahoochee River and will act as a backup water supply for the city. A total of $270 million was approved to bore a five-mile-long tunnel, which will be ten feet wide from the Chattahoochee river to the Westside water treatment plant. Then, it will another 200 feet to the quarry.

Bellwood Quarry Open Space

Once the tunnel has been completed, it’s expected to take about two weeks for the quarry to fill up with water. It will then become the centerpiece of Westside Reservoir Park, which will begin development shortly after. The entire project could take as long as 15 years to complete, but will be opened to the public in phases.

The Quarry had been in operation for more than a century before it was purchased by the city in 2006. The city has had plans to turn this site into a park ever since and add it to the Atlanta Beltline, which is a 22-mile corridor with trails, parks and transit around the downtown area. It will be protected by The Trust for Public Land, which protects over 3.3 million acres and has completed over 5,400 park and conservation projects.