HGTV FrontDoor thinks domoREALTY ROCKS!!!

April 25th, 2013
by domoREALTY


And HGTV has heard it!!! Holly Aguirre, of HGTV FrontDoor, reached out to Vanessa Reilly of domoREALTY to get the scoop on how this humble, yet stylishly awesome, real estate brokerage came to be. Vanessa dishes on the ins-and-outs of modern/ mid-century modern architecture and real estate in and around Atlanta. Also included are a few of the gorgeous shots domo’s “Photographer with the Mostest”, Clay Miller, snapped of two SOLD domoREALTY properties 3207 Lynnray Drive and 3597 Eaglerock Drive. Check out the excerpt below and click HERE to read the full article!

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HOTLANTA is heating up ’cause domoREALTY is on FIRE!!!

Excerpt from “domoREALTY: Designing and Selling Atlanta’s Coolest Modern Homes” by Holly Aguirre:


In 2008, Vanessa Reilly introduced her love of playing house to her passion for midcentury architecture and design. The union produced Atlanta’s domoREALTY, a brokerage firm that specializes in modern real estate. One of Reilly’s listings was recently featured on NBC’s Today show in a segment showing top real estate across the country for under $300,000.

Tell us how domoREALTY came to be.

domoREALTY was established because I saw a hole in the Atlanta real estate market when it came to marketing modern homes properly, so I embraced my design roots, set up shop and embarked on the modern journey of a lifetime.

And how did you come up with the name?

Many people ask us, “Where did you come up with the name domo?” followed by, “Oh, is that from that robot song?” Truth of the matter is domoREALTY did not highjack our name from the famous ’80s Styx Song “Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto”. Domus is the Latin word for home. We dropped the “us” added an “o” to make it sound more mod.

What draws you to midcentury architecture and design?

The simplicity, the elegance, the clean lines and uncluttered spaces. I’ve always loved beautiful homes, but I think there is something even more special about modern and midcentury-modern design. Most modern architects take into consideration the lay of the land and the environment where the home is built so there is a relationship between the natural surroundings and the architecture that creates a space of peace and beauty. A beautiful midcentury-modern home can emote a feeling just like a beautiful work of art.

You not only provide realty services but design as well. Tell us a little more about that.

When we take on a new listing it’s not just about snapping a couple pictures and listing it in the MLS system.  I work with my sellers weeks and sometimes even months in advance to get their homes ready for the professional photographing session. Modern spaces need to be presented in a certain way because most, not all, buyers can’t visualize the space without furniture or the right design element.

There are endless ways to decorate a modern space and everyone has a different style when it comes to their decorating. What we do is provide an in-depth consultation that helps our clients transform, arrange and de-clutter their space so their property shines in the best possible way and attracts as many buyers as possible.


domoREALTY Featured on The TODAY SHOW!

January 19th, 2013
by vanessa

What an exciting day yesterday was!! domoREALTY had one of their Mid-Century Modern listings in Doraville FEATURED ON THE TODAY SHOW! Barbara Corcoran, the Real Estate Expert from the Today Show was doing a segment on what buyers can get for under $300,000 across America, and her producers reached out to domoREALTY because they (like many other people looking for cool homes) FOUND our website and saw our beautiful listings and really liked the cool Mid-Century Modern Home in Doraville located at 3207 Lynnray Drive priced for a mere $275,000!!

Barbara was THRILLED with the Mid-Century Modern in Doraville, GA and she said the living room was “SEXY & Sophisticated!” She was also very impressed with the recently renovated Kitchen, with its “Snazzy” Backsplash, and she said the Master Bedroom was “the neatest Bedroom I’ve ever seen in my life!” See the Today Show Segment for yourself!!

FOR MORE INFO on 3207 Lynnray Drive CLICK HERE

Mid-Century Modern Home in Doraville GA featured on the TODAY SHOW!

Mid-Century Modern Home in Doraville GA featured on the TODAY SHOW!

Mid-Century Modern Home in Doraville GA featured on the TODAY SHOW!

Mid-Century Modern Home in Doraville GA featured on the TODAY SHOW!


Psssstt…. here’s some Juicy Gossip!

August 7th, 2011
by vanessa

We don’t want to brag, but here at domoREALTY, we are kind of a big deal. It still surprises us when we introduce ourselves only to be asked “Do-Mo who?” or “what is DO-MO?” or “Where did you come up with that name?” shortly followed by “…Oh, is that from that robot song?”

I’m sorry to disappoint you, but domoREALTY did not highjack our name from the famous 80’s Styx song: Domo Arigato Mr. Robato. Although we do like to dress up in our robot costumes and dance to 80’s music on the weekends.

For those of you who did not sign up for your High School Latin class: Domus is the Latin word for home. We dropped the “us” added an “o” to make it sound more modern and voila: domoREALTY was born!

Now that you are in the know about Domo, let’s continue to talk about how cool we are…So with all these crazy highs and lows of the housing market these days we thought it would be fun to share some GOOD NEWS about the Atlanta MODERN Real Estate Market – it rocks.

Recently domoREALTY has been getting a little attention in local and NATIONAL NEWS. Real Estate Expert Barbara Corcoran of NBC’s Today Show recently called one of our listings a “Sexy, sophisticated…beautiful and meticulous house!” It made us blush, but hey, Real Estate should be “sexy and sophisticated” It’s more fun that way!

Atlanta’s Northcrest Neighborhood in the NEWS!!

March 13th, 2011
by vanessa

We’re famous!!! Looks like more and more people are finding out just how cool our Northcrest neighborhood is! Atlanta doesn’t have a huge selection of (affordable) Mid-Century Modern homes, so it’s about time we got some recognition! Find out what Atlanta Magazine and the AJC had to say about the Mid-Century Modern homes in Northcrest.

If you are a buyer and want to find out what homes are available in Northcrest CLICK HERE!! Or give me a buzz, I would love to give you a tour of the neighborhood!

Atlanta Mid-Century Modern

3722 Summitridge: SOLD!!

Mid-Century Modern Atlanta GA

3506 Summitridge Dr. FOR SALE: $205,000

Modern Atlanta Homes

3360 Archwood Dr. FOR SALE $289,900

Mid-Century Modern Homes Atlanta

3798 Valley Bluff Dr. UNDER CONTRACT

Atlanta Mid-Century modern Homes

3712 Eaglerock Dr. COMING SOON!!! $290,000

Mid-Century modern Homes Atlanta GA

3597 Eaglerock Dr. SOLD!!!