Bedrooms: 2

Bathrooms: 1

1586 SQ FTSource: Public Records

1470 Lavista Road NE

Atlanta, GA 30324


Your car broke down and you're in the middle of a hot, dry desert called nowhere. You just swallowed the last sip of water and you feel like you're about to die. All of a sudden a magic lantern appears and a voice similar to that of Robin Williams speaks "You have been granted 3 wishes, choose wisely ..." You grasp the brass lantern and rub it vigorously! Oh what you'd give to be sitting next to a crystal clear pool, icy cold margarita in hand... **POOF* But wait, it needs to be located in the backyard of a swanky mid-century modern home **POOF** and hold on, it needs to be in the city. You want convenience,* walkability and privacy all wrapped up with a big red bow! Welcome home to 1470 LaVista Drive, where the NEW salt water pool is always the right temperature and the margaritas flow freely!! Oh, and if there ever was a location that could make you sell the car and become the cutest, in-town, scooter rider, well this would be it. "But it only has 2 bedrooms," you say. Girl, that's the best part. Now the in-laws will HAVE to get a hotel and you'll never have to host another obnoxious, family Thanksgiving with all of those relatives who have different political views than you! Guess who's year just keeps getting better... And trust me, there's PLENTY of space for all the people you DO want to invite over - like your BFFs who will be laughing and drinking margaritas with you, poolside every weekend for the rest of your life. Every detail of this home has been executed to perfection. It's like that sexy, little, black dress that that hugs your body just right and makes you look 10 lbs thinner. You know the one you wear to drive you ex crazy!? Every surface, window, corner, light fixture and retaining wall was designed to create the most pleasing space $600K can buy. In fact, spending time in this home makes you feel like you're on a permanent vacation at a luxurious modern hotel, it's an oasis in the middle of the city. Oh no, I hate it when this happens, looks like I just talked myself into buying this house. Alight, I'll invite you to the house warming party. No gifts please, just Tequila. SELLER HAS HOME ADDITION PLANS - Ask your agent for them!