Welcome to domoREALTY we’re glad you’re reading this.  You’re probably here because some of our marketing caught your attention.  We’ve been called obsessive, slightly neurotic and extremely passionate about real estate marketing. We are so successful at marketing our listings that we’ve been hired a time or two by fellow real estate agents to sell their personal homes.

What magic does our marketing wand weave? Through the art of creative storytelling, the power of epic videos, and the magnetism of social media, we don’t just attract attention; we command it, often catapulting listings into the viral stratosphere.

At domoREALTY, we breathe, sleep, eat and live in the rhythms of unmatched coolness. Whether it’s staging, selling, or simply dreaming, every house we list basks in the honor of being cool, celebrated, and cherished.

A Name Synonymous With Excellence

Hiring domoREALTY is like “hitting the Atlanta Real Estate jackpot”  says David Kouch, who recently closed on his mid-century modern home for $285,000 OVER list price (that’s not a typo).

Picture this, an army of marketing solders working seamlessly to showcase your property: captivating videos that tell stories, compelling copywriting that engages, and social media campaigns so magnetic they occasionally set the virtual world ablaze!

Are you ready to embrace an experience with a different kind of Realtor? a Realtor whose vision transcends the conventional, whose marketing is not just expansive but also extraordinary?

Clients, both past and present, opted for domoREALTY  because the value we bring to the table is unparalleled. When your selling goals are “crazy” we are up for the challenge. With us, stress morphs into simplicity, doubts transform into confidence, and the journey from contemplation to closure is deeply gratifying.

domoREALTY: Because Every Detail Matters

Blah, blah, blah… you’ve read this before. You’re not impressed. So maybe you need a different approach, a faster sale. Well guess what? We can make that happen too.  If details aren’t your thing, toss us the keys and we’ll handle the sale from carpet to closing. In scenarios where selling ASAP is a priority, our network of cash buyers is at your service, ready to present offers that can close quickly and are way higher than those other guys. We’ll walk you through all your options and explain the pros and cons.

Our team has over 49 years of investing, marketing, and selling experience. This journey has been enlightening, with every mistake transformed into a lesson, every lesson a stepping stone to mastery, and every bit of this invaluable knowledge is at your service, ready to be leveraged for your benefit.

Ever wondered if your house is a hidden treasure, valued more than it’s Zestimate? What if there existed a real estate broker with marketing prowess so effective that your property could fetch 6% to 15% more than the industry average? Say what?!

Bold? Absolutely. Improbable? Absolutely not.

Our Ethos: Listening Comes First

Listening isn’t just a practice; it’s our cardinal rule, our guiding principle. Before advice is given, before strategies are formulated, we listen. Every client is unique, with distinct needs and expectations, and we acknowledge this and celebrate it.

Choose domoREALTY: Where Equity Is Invested In

At domoREALTY, we don’t gamble with your equity; we invest in it, nurture it, and watch it grow, guaranteeing returns that aren’t just impressive but also truly rewarding. With us, every home is cool, every listing exceptional, and every sale, a testimony to excellence and value. Welcome to domoREALTY – where cool homes find their rightful owners, and every owner finds the true value of their property.

Looking forward to meeting you soon,

Vanessa, Jennifer & Pamela

Meet The Team