Rico Suave PictureRico Suave holds the position of C.O.D. (Chief Office Dog). He is a 1-year veteran who carefully oversees all office transactions (and shenanigans). He rules the office with an “iron-paw” and his stubborn negotiating tactics have won him several awards and numerous treats. He loves to hunt for the best deal and will challenge any competitor to a tug-of-war contest, especially if you mess with his green rubber ball. In his free time (which is all the time) he enjoys sleeping, eating, sleeping, chasing squirrels, sleeping, barking at the FedEx guy, sleeping and taking short walks at dusk. He loves the snow but hates getting his paws wet when it’s raining outside. Mornings aren’t really his thing. In fact, he typically shows up for work just in time for his lunch break… Hey, it’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it!