Vanessa Reilly is the C.R.E.O. (Chief Real Estate Officer) of Domo Realty. She has had a love affair with decorating and playing “house” since she was 4 years old. Born in Texas and raised in Virginia, southern living is naturally a part of who she is. When she’s not busy helping her clients, you can find her designing some sort of Mid-Century Modern renovation project or flinging paint on canvas and calling it “Art.”

Vanessa graduated from Virginia Tech in a record breaking four years where she studied Marketing and Graphic Design. After moving to Atlanta she met all the wrong people and got into the business of selling exotic cars.

Her favorite color is chartreuse green, her favorite wine is red and she will eat just about anything dipped in chocolate. She has an affinity for cow-hide rugs, Japanese kimonos and turquoise painted doors. She has sold Millions and Millions of dollars in Real Estate while exceeding all client expectations. (Insert lots of Real Estate accolades you’ve never heard of here, lots of framed awards on office walls and boring elevator music).

DOMO Realty was created in 2008 after Vanessa moved into a mid-century modern neighborhood called Northcrest. During her mid- century modern home buying journey she realized the need for a specific agency brand that embraced the cool factor of these homes. Thus was born DOMO Realty. DOMO Realty isn’t your average, traditional brokerage. We embrace unique homes and we focus on creating an experience for our clients that is tailored to their needs. We understand how a home is more than just an investment, it’s a reflection of our personality and a place where we create the things that matter most in life. People often ask, what does “DOMO” mean? DOMO, is derived from the latin word “Domus” which means “Home.”

Compared to other Realtors, we don’t take ourselves too seriously because we recognize that we’re not biochemists or neurosurgeons. We do, however, take our clients needs VERY SERIOUSLY. We consistently sell our listings faster and for more money than the other guys because we know how to create spaces that speak on an emotional level to buyers. Our listings are polished and beautiful which results in TOP DOLLAR sales prices. We’ve never met a house we couldn’t sell! We are motivated by our passion for good design and turning normal rooms into jaw-dropping spaces! Our excitement for Real Estate is contagious which means if you decide to hire us to help you with your Real Estate needs, get ready to have fun!