After graduating from Virginia Tech with a marketing degree, Vanessa packed up her 5-speed, Nissan Stanza and headed to the big city. Alas, her dream job in advertising didn’t exist and so she started selling Porsches to $35k “millionaires.” She learned quickly that she was the smartest girl in the room and selling was easier than a game of chess. Luckily she was fired from the dealership and was freed to pursue her true passion – marketing (through the means of Real Estate).

18 years later, her creative marketing approach in real estate has gained national recognition, pissed off dozens of English teachers, and helped her client’s homes go viral more than once.

When she’s not busy taking care of her people, you can find her designing some sort of mid-century renovation project, flinging paint on canvas and calling it “art” or spending time by a river in the North Georgia mountains with her handsome husband and brilliant daughter. She also enjoys speeding past the old Porsche dealership, in her Tesla, on her way to listing appointments. 

DOMO Realty was created in 2008 after Vanessa moved into a neighborhood called Northcrest. During her mid-century modern home buying journey she realized the need for a specific brand that embraced the cool factor of these homes. Thus was born, Domo Realty. Domo Realty isn’t a traditional brokerage. We understand that a home is more than just an investment, it’s a reflection of our personality and a place where we create the moments that matter most. People often ask, what does “Domo” mean? Domo, is derived from the Latin word “Domus” which means “Home.”

Vanessa Reilly Baby Picture

At Domo Realty we consistently sell our listings faster and for more money than the competition because we invest in marketing, video and copywriting that gets your home the attention it deserves. Our excitement for real estate is contagious, which means if you decide to partner with us, get ready to have fun!

“Hiring DOMO REALTY is like hitting the Atlanta real estate jackpot!” says David Kouch, who closed on his home for a staggering $285,000 more than the average home in his neighborhood.

Picture this, an army of marketing solders working tirelessly to sell your house:  YouTube videos that tell stories, listing descriptions that create emotional connections and social media campaigns so magnetic they occasionally set the virtual world ablaze, going viral!

Are you ready for a different kind of selling experience that transcends the conventional? Do you want your home to be marketed like the Taj Mahal of Atlanta?

Our marketing isn’t for everyone, but if you believe your house is worth more than your neighbor’s, let’s get started!