Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 2

1956 SQ FTSource: Appraiser

105 N 4th Avenue

Decatur, GA 30030


Do you ever wonder why there aren’t many “For Sale" signs in Oakhurst? The reason is simple: people who move here don't want to leave. It’s been a dry January with very little alcohol or inventory and you’re thirsty for something fresh, something original, something cuter than a basket full of puppies snuggling under a rainbow. You used to want to live in VA-Hi until you discovered Oakhurst. Now you’re obsessed with its oak-lined streets and double sidewalks. Midtown is too mainstream and Buckhead is too, well you know... But Oakhurst is like a little treasure, tucked away in Decatur with its very own village full of restaurants, coffee shops and parks. 105 N. 4th Ave. is the bungalow of your New Year's vision board dreams. It’s that feeling you get after you’ve quieted your mind for 15 minutes and have completely lost track of time and space. It's not some generic fill in the blank questionnaire. It's an A+ dissertations that even ChatGPT couldn’t come close to writing. Imagine starting your day with a stroll down Oakview Rd. Your morning ritual includes grabbing an Americana from PERC, you breathe in the scent of freshly ground coffee and optimism, you feel the energy of this beloved neighborhood, your heart beats faster. On the weekends your new hobby is lounging on your covered porch as you wave to all your neighbors. A butterfly lands on the pink, delicate petals of the Quince bush. You never knew about these sweet smelling flowers until you started living here. Above you, the oak tree whispers secrets of years come and gone. It has guarded this bungalow on 4th Ave for over 100 years and it still stands strong, providing cool shade in the summer and plenty of leaves for raking into jumping-piles-of-fun in the fall. You love the backyard with its hand-laid brick patio and the the gurgling fountain, it evokes memories of those romantic European gardens you once visited. This home is your haven, warm and safe. You find camaraderie hosting your friends in the open kitchen and spacious dining room, but your favorite thing to do on weekends is walk hand-in-hand with your partner to the U-joint, sit on the patio sipping craft beer and nibbling delicious jalapeño fries. Forget about Uber; your social life is now a pleasant walk away! Living here means embracing the Oakhurst way of life. It's a community that celebrates with festivals and Porchfest, where music and laughter fill the streets. It's about being close to everything Atlanta offers, yet far away from the hustle. Top Decatur schools, and a tight-knit community are the icing on the cake. Oakhurst isn't just a neighborhood; it's an opportunity to be part of something extraordinary - a community woven together by friendship and joy. Watch Drone Video Tour on YouTube : Search for 105 4th st.