Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 1 full | 1 partial

1161 SQ FTSource: Public Records

3002 Cravenridge Drive NE

Brookhaven, GA 30319


In an age old and forgotten, nestled in the lush embrace of Ashford Park, there stood a winsome white cottage atop a gentle hill. A majestic magnolia tree, an ancient guardian of this idyllic realm, stretched her gnarled branches skyward, bearing witness to the ceaseless march of time. Below it, the gardens—alive with the riotous bloom of perennials—painted a dazzling tapestry of hues, a spectacle crafted by the seasons the sun and the buzzing of bees. You’ve been looking for your opportunity to be a part of this special community, but its new construction homes are well out of reach. And all the homes you can afford have been plucked up by builders and investors. Where have all the affordable houses gone? But today you feel the wind of change in the air. Today, as you scroll on Zillow, something precious and rare has caught your eye. You check the price again, it’s almost too good to be true. You start to scroll through the pictures quickly, holding your breath as you brace for disappointment. But there is none, your heart skips a beat when you see the original turquoise bathroom tile and the black and white checkered kitchen floor. Could this be your new home? The screen porch is unbelievably big and looks to be the same size as the house. The swing in the backyard framed by lilac vines softly whispers your name. Here, one could partake of the morning’s first brew or engage in whispered conversations under the cloak of night, enveloped in a symphony of crickets and sparkling fireflies. Within the home’s walls, glistening wood floors and grand newer windows, frame views of your secrete garden. That has a nice ring to it. Wouldn’t it be nice if this was “your” garden house? You could enjoy weekends with friends. Holidays with family and during the school year you would hear peals of children’s laughter, echoing from the school down the street. You can almost smell the Peonies in the garden the fragrance drifts through your daydream. To live at 3002 Cravenridge would provide solace that cradled the heart and offered respite from the bustling world beyond its walls. Here you are invited to plant your roots. This is home.