What a wet, puddle of fun we had!! Thank you to all who came! If you weren’t there, then you definitely missed out!! It was even better than last year because Jeff and Jordan built a doggy ramp for the dogs to get in and out of the pool! The rain didn’t stop the fun – it just added to the party! Thanks to David Ranscome for sponsoring this event. If you don’t know by now, David runs Personal Pet Care Services and is a fellow Northcrest neighbor! For more info on his services check out his website MYpersonalpetcare.com

(I’m sorry if most of the pictures below are of Chloe and Desi…what can I say… I’m a proud Momma!)

Chloe goes after Killer whale with Desi watching
Baby pool or Bulldog pool?? it’s all the same!
Diggy was the first brave soul to use the doggy pool ramp. Unfortunately we didn’t catch it on camera.
Desi chillaxin’ pool side. Where’s the cabana boy? This lady needs a drink!
Pismo: “nice to sniff you.”
Jordan presenting all the doggie prizes.. Awesome job!!
“Dog Yums” Homemade by Jeff! They were so good I almost ate one.
Attack of the Beluga whale Part Deux. (Plus Pink Life-Jacket)
Me and Billy
A very tired Pismo decides to call it a day and snuggle with her momma.

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