So the other day I got a phone call from a guy who said he worked for the AJC. At first I thought he was going to try and sell me some kind of advertising package, but when he started explaining how he was a reporter who focused on writing about personal residences for the AJC Homefinder section, my ears pricked up and my heart started beating fast. You see, I’ve always enjoyed getting attention. Ever since I was an obnoxious, snot-nosed little kid, I would do all kinds of morally wrong things just to get my mom’s attention. This is what happens when you are the only child for 8 years and then all of a sudden you get 2 younger siblings. So when the reporter/photographer asked if he could photograph my house and write a little blurb about my business and decor aesthetic I didn’t say “yes,”  I said: “ABSO-FRIGGIN-LUTELY!” Then put the phone down and sprung into consecutive back-flips.

Ok, so now that my ego is over-inflated, here are some pictures of my oh-so-fabulous Mid-Century Modern Home that I have tenderly renovated and decorated over the years. Thanks for reading!

For the full Article with all the Juicy Details CLICK HERE   ** Disclaimer:  Cheesy subtitles were taken from AJC Article.

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Atlanta Mid-Century Modern Homes for sale
Real estate agent Vanessa Reilly relaxes with her dogs Desi and Chloe at her Atlanta home.
Atlanta Modern Homes for sale
Vanessa Reilly bought a pair of orange velveteen chairs at an estate sale for $60. “I had to completely re-decorate because of them,” she says.
Modern Atlanta GA Homes for sale
Vanessa Reilly describes her interior design style as mid-century madness with a sprinkle of “Glamazon.” She has filled the house with pieces that “make me happy,” she says.
Atlanta GA Mid-Century Modern Homes for sale
A set of antique Elk Antlers adorn the brick accent wall.
Atlanta Modern Homes
The living room features a Roman brick accent wall that used to be a decorative fireplace in the 1960s.
Atlanta Mid-Century Modern Homes
The furnishings and art have been collected over the years and include a classic Eames lounge chair.
Mid-Century Modern Homes Atlanta
Reilly’s experimental design — and personality — is seen in areas such as the upstairs Hollywood-style bathroom.
Atlanta GA Mid-Century Modern Homes for sale
“When I’m having a bad day, I will take it out on my house and re-arrange the furniture,” Vanessa Reilly says. “When I get the urge to move, which is about once a year, I will just call my painter instead.”
Atlanta Modern Homes
The dining room features a 78-inch oval Saarinen marble dining table that Reilly said she drooled over for several years before buying it.
Modern Homes for sale Atlanta GA
The kitchen is simple with a punchy green back splash and a big picture window that overlooks the backyard.
Mid-Century Modern Real Estate for sale Atlanta GA
Reilly painted the bedroom walls a soft grey blue and kept the furnishings simple. Because of the big picture window she chose a low rise IKEA platform bed. The light birch finish of the bed matches the light wood ceilings.
Atlanta Modern Homes
The foyer has five skylights, an artist console with tiny drawers for storing paint, and a vintage Tomesode kimono.
Atlanta Mid-Century Modern Homes
Vanessa Reilly bought her Atlanta home in 2008. She originally hated the man-made berm in the front yard, but has grown to love it over the years. “The berm shields the home from the street, providing an abundance of privacy,” she says.

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