It’s 5:00pm. But not just any 5:00pm. 5:00pm on a Friday! Listen to that work whistle blow (or use your imagination…). Somewhere, in some town, a radio DJ has put on Five O’Clock World by The Vogues, having waited all day for this exact moment. Breathe in…breathe out….ahhhhhhhhhhhhh….the first moments of THE WEEKEND!!!

So, what have you got planned? Friday night, you’re going out. Saturday night, you’re going out again. But what about Sunday? Last week, Sunday was part of the magical “three-day-weekend” that never seems to come around often enough, and you may have celebrated like you’d never get another weekend at all, but this week, we’re back to boring old two-day weekend.

Wait, boring? Who said this Sunday has to be boring! In fact, it’s slated to be quite the opposite! domoREALTY is having an OPEN HOUSE EXTRAVAGANZA!!! Three incredible Northcrest properties will be held open from 2:00pm until 4:00pm on June 2nd, for your viewing pleasure. You know that job you just left so you could start the weekend? There is no better way to invest those paychecks than by buying a home of your own – renting is for the birds! We know you’ve been toying with the idea. Go ahead and take the plunge (you can do so literally in the fabulous neighborhood pool – Northcrest is a Swim & Tennis community!). BRING YOUR AGENT – BUY A HOME!!!

Come see us on Sunday, June 2, 2013 from 2:00pm – 4:00pm at the following Northcrest homes:

*3341 Thornewood Drive, Atlanta, GA 30340

*3153 Lynnray Drive, Atlanta, GA 30340

*3428 Regalwoods Drive, Atlanta, GA 30340

Click here for driving directions to all three properties

Contact Vanessa for more info – 404.566.1733


CLICK HERE FOR MORE domoREALTY HOMES – we sell some of the coolest homes in the ATL!!!


3341 Thornewood Drive


3341 Thornewood Drive


3341 Thornewood Drive


3153 Lynnray Drive


3153 Lynnray Drive


3153 Lynnray Drive


3428 Regalwoods Drive


3428 Regalwoods Drive


3428 Regalwoods Drive

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