Imagine emerging into a serenade of whispers as they slip through dancing walls of bamboo. Imagine lingering in the warmth of the morning sun as it stretches down from the sky through your bedroom window. Imagine finding peace in the hypnotic drum song of the rain of your very own outdoor retreat.

Imagine finding a home that you’ll never want to leave.

Matt and Abbie Lane have found such a place. And believe it or not, it’s in metro Atlanta, Dunwoody, to be precise. Domo Realty is delighted to have helped them make this suburban oasis their own.

As soon as Matt and Abbie got out of the car, Abbie smiled and started snapping pictures. Matt immediately took off on a mad dash to get the lay of the land, then returned to his starting point to take a second lap, revisiting each room Sherlock-style for inspection. Abbie, on the other hand, took her time. She walked every room, taking in every space as if waiting for the spirit of each to settle on her shoulders and speak. Both were like eager children examining a new place to play and I was happily leading the pack. I was more excited and curious than they were to see what treasures lay behind every door.

As of a few days ago, Matt and Abbie Lane were filling their new home with the stuff of their lives. They’ll be planting their own roots beneath the sun, among those of the dancing bamboo.

Those smiles, those faces are why Domo Realty exists. It’s not about the profit. It’s about the people.

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Contemporary home in metro Atlanta - Domo Realty
Contemporary oasis in Dunwoody – Domo Realty, Atlanta Real Estate
Happy Domo Realty clients in front of their contemporary home in metro Atlanta.
Domo Realty clients Matt and Abbie Lane beaming in front of their new contemporary home in metro Atlanta.


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