When it comes time to select the light fixtures for a Mid-Century Modern renovation project I get giddy. The words “budget” and “lighting” should never be used in the same sentence. I like my modern lighting fixtures like Carrie Bradshaw likes her shoes!  The perfect modern lighting package can add value to any space and make the most boring cookie cutter room a sophisticated, modern, show stopper. Lighting is the frosting, it’s the home’s jewelry that can elevate any space to spectacular!

Where do you begin with so many options available? Stepping into a lighting store can be very overwhelming.  First analyze your space. I’m the kind of person who will pick out my dining room table to compliment my chandelier, but if you already have a table, take down the dimensions and snap a couple pictures with your phone so when you are in the lighting store you can eyeball the combination.

Lighting is very personal. Never go with the safe selection. It’s okay to splurge when it comes to the lighting in your home. Always choose quality over quantity. Just because the swirled purple and red glass pendant lights were buy one get one free at home depot does not mean it’s okay to hang them in every room of your house. Less is more when it comes to pendant lighting and every room does not need a whicker ceiling fan. In fact, go ahead and remove all ceiling fans in your home, unless you REALLY use them.  Another thing to keep in mind, just because you have a traditional home doesn’t mean you must select traditional lighting. Some of the most beautiful spaces are a mixture of traditional and modern. Your lighting should be a conversation piece. You want the neighbors to walk in and be totally jealous of your Lindsey Adelman Chandelier, let them go home and do some research on how much it cost you. If your home is a collection of rustic antiques, there is nothing that would compliment the space more than a simple Nelson Saucer Bubble pendant.

Tip of the week: If you’re totally stuck, sell all your furniture paint the walls white and buy an extra large Louis Poulsen Artichoke Pendant. Feel free to add one oversized modern painting to the wall that has one or two strokes of black in it, but nothing else. No furniture needed. The lighting is statement enough. Less is more. Good Luck!

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