Well 2016 is coming to an end. Did you hit all your goals and meet all your deadlines? Did you make it out alive? Did you buy or sell a couple Mid-Century Modern Atlanta Homes? I know it was a rocky road for some of us, while others came out sparkling like a gold plated, 5 karat cubic zirconia diamond ring.

However your 2016 shook out, I have a feeling 2017 is going to behave even better. Call me wildly optimistic but we are heading into a year that ends with the number 7, which is touted as a lucky number, right?

So what do you have planned for the New Year? We are going to be transparent with our goal list and have you, our friends and clients keep us accountable.

#1. Make more videos.

We have had SO much fun this year working with creative minds, many of which are our very own wildly talented clients!! Check out this amazing “Inspired by life. Freed by space” 2 min short staring our very dear clients Adam and Jennifer and their darling 3-year old daughter. Filmed by Carlisle Kellum. We are in love:

#2 SELL EVEN MORE cool Mid-Century Atlanta Homes

We have a couple in the pipeline that you guys are going to go NUTS over. Seriously… I’m talking epic renovations that have never been seen before. Modern renovations that dreams are made of. Modern homes that only come once in a life time. So you better be ready. Get that pre-approval letter in hand and have domoRealty’s phone number 404.556.1733 programed on speed dial in your phones. Omygosh, aren’t you excited!?! Isn’t the anticipation killing you… I can hardly stand it!!!!

#3 Listen EVEN MORE.

We have always been good listeners, but lately our heads have been so jumbled with the election and media frenzy. We have decided to turn off our TV’s and listen, connect and love even harder. We are committed to creating even more magic moments with our family, friends and clients.

#4 Make EVEN MORE drone videos.

Seriously. These things are so cool. Do you have an amazing house that needs to be featured on our website and social media? Do you have a house you want to sell that needs to be featured with an jaw-dropping drone video?

Here’s one example of a favorite drone video we did this year:

#5 MAKE Real Estate GREAT AGAIN!!

We promise that this upcoming year we are going to make Buying and Selling Real Estate GREAT AGAIN!!  We are going to help people WIN BIG. We are winners and winning is what we do best. We are going to make GREAT deals because we know how to make deals and make them GREAT. We want to make all deals smart, tough, and AMAZING.  Seriously people, we are going to make them HUGE. We are TREMENDOUSLY successful and frankly, the competition is unpresidented.



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