A Romantic Stone Cottage in Atlanta GA
A Romantic Stone Cottage
3946 Chamblee Tucker Rd
Atlanta GA 30340
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What could be more delicious than taking that first bite of a warm, flaky butter croissant? How about a French-inspired stone cottage, built by hand in 1940?! Situated on a 1.7 acre lot, the cottage is just a stone’s throw from metro Atlanta.

Romance lingers as you walk through the pebble pathways that connect the native botanical gardens. A monarch butterfly lands on the purple hydrangea bush, near to your hand. You touch the delicate paper thin petal. Is this a sign? Is the universe inviting you to step through the door into your happily ever after? And that aroma! Where is that sweet fragrance coming from? Is it the gardenias or the lilac bush? The butterfly flutters up and catches a breeze drifting over the koi pond.

You weren’t planning on taking a trip to the south of France today, but here you are and the sun is shining down, warming your face.

Perhaps you should go inside, your curiosity has grabbed ahold so you push past the vibrant orange front door as you step through the jasmine-covered stone columns. You take a deep breath in.

The stone walls are familiar and cool to the touch, the golden light is dim. This is a special place that’s been witness to garland-draped holidays with laughter spilling over candlelit dinners. Beyond the archway, the formal dining room is both enchanting and warm.

The kitchen has been thoughtfully restored with custom cabinetry and a farmhouse sink perfectly placed in front of the window with a view into the garden. The pantry could have its own write-up in Better Homes & Gardens magazine with its stone walls and unique skylight! A kitchen this divine only means one thing: You must savor the process as you kneed the dough and lick the warm, melted chocolate off the spoon.

Is it hot in here? Maybe you need to go jump in the pool!

Upstairs, you’ll discover the owners’ suite with its thoughtfully designed walk-in closet and white marble bathroom. Each room feels effortless and luxurious. There’s a mixture of natural light and original charm that translates into timeless beauty.

Words don’t fully capture the experience that this French-inspired stone cottage provides. To understand the breadth of this space you’ll have to come see it! at the open house this Saturday from 2-4 pm

Au revoir et å bientot!

OPEN HOUSE Saturday, June 26th 2-4pm

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