Just Listed – Cool Mid-Century Modern Home in Northwoods

OPEN HOUSE Saturday 5/18  & 5/19 2-4 pm


Working on that summer bod? Are those chiseled abs not cooperating? Yeah, same here. But you know what will make you happy right now? Owning a Northwoods mid-century modern with a mouth watering mint chocolate chip ice-cream kitchen.

They lied to you. Happiness isn’t defined by a 32-inch waistline. Plus, now you can use AI to digitally create your bikini pictures for the ‘gram. Stop comparing yourself to Gisele; she’s not happy, I’ve met her. You know who is happy? Leonardo DiCaprio, who owns a mid-century modern home in Palm Springs. And while Palm Springs might be out of the budget this year, Northwoods is calling your name, and the grass is literally greener.

The crispy clean facade with a vintage pink front door beckons, you’re reluctant to go inside because you have a feeling this could lead to desires deeper than those you felt back in 6th grade when you’d sleep with the NSYNC album under your pillow. Inside, vaulted tongue-and-groove ceilings complement the honey-colored oak floors, exuding mid-century elegance.

The kitchen, a marvel in itself, features custom-built European cabinetry that houses the Ferrari of all appliance packages. A sub-zero refrigerator in a home under $1M? Unheard of—until now. The real estate gods are indeed smiling, as this culinary work-of-art also boasts a Wolf gas cook-top and an exterior vented hood. Pause to wipe the drool off your chin.

Stepping into the backyard emerald oasis, the scent of freshly cut grass hits your nostrils. You picture yourself behind the lawn mower, triceps twitching as you relish in the golden afternoon Que. slow motion sip of Pepsi, light glistening on beads of sweat. Gisele who? With four bedrooms and two updated bathrooms, you could even start a family here someday. Ha! Who are we kidding? This dream home is all about your happiness, no fingerprints or markers on the walls (yet).

Forget about intermittent fasting and bone broth for dinner; it’s time to embrace the splendor of your new mid-century modern dessert. Recast from 1959 and transported to 2024, you’ve finally found the solution that will level up your beach body without breaking a sweat. This is the house that will never go out of style no matter what shape your eyebrows take on. Baby Bye, bye, bye…

3440 Havalyn Lane, Atlanta GA 30340

4bed. 2bath $525,000


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3440 Havalyn Lane  Atlanta, GA  30340

4 beds    2 baths         custom kitchen        finished basement






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