Bedrooms: 4

Bathrooms: 3

2442 SQ FTSource: Public Records

3090 Embry Court

Atlanta, GA 30341


Once upon a time In a land not too far away, nestled among the whispers of legend and reality, stood a mid-century ranch so mesmerizing, she bordered on mythical. Some agents scoffed at its description, chuckling, "Yeah, right. As if a home like that exists for under a million bucks." But there she was, a unicorn among houses, sprawled across three-quarters of an acre. Her curb appeal? So dazzling, she made Aphrodite look like she was trying too hard. With a new roof and mysterious dark complextion, she turned heads and slowed cars, making every passerby yearn with a mix of awe and envy. Yet, the ranch's allure wasn't just brick deep. Inside, she basked in a glow of warm, natural light pouring through vast picture windows. The kitchen—a masterpiece of craftsmanship with reclaimed white oak paneling and leathered granite countertops—whispered tales of precision and passion. It was the kind of place that echoed dreams unrealized, a testament to the few who dare to dream and do. Stepping through her modern mahogany front door, you're enveloped in a sense of timelessness, where every breath and gaze feels more intentional. The refinished oak floors beneath your feet and the calming embrace of crisp white walls invite you to shed your worldly possessions and embark on a quest to curate a life of beauty and meaning. Tucked away on the west wing lies the owner's suite, a sanctuary apart from the three spacious bedrooms. With not one, but two walk-in closets, and a bathroom that could make even Hera green with envy. The rosewood vanity, medicine cabinets set into the walls, and a curbless, walk-in shower with seafoam tiles and bronze finishes—it was as if crafted by the gods themselves. Beyond the sliding glass, a pool as deep and blue as the Aegean Sea beckons, its surface sparkling under the sun's caress. Above, a dogwood blooms, offering its delicate white blossoms like a peace offering from nature. The expansive backyard, edged with towering hardwoods and ancient Japanese maples, whispers the possibility of new beginnings and enough space to bring your ADU dreams to life! Emotionally complicated and beautiful —an affair between meticulous details and sophisticated style. This home is an odyssey of love, natural light, and high-end design. It beckons not just to anyone, but to the one who sees beyond its beauty, to its soul. A rare gem, indeed, awaiting the victor who will turn the key and step into a living legend. YouTube Tour - Search 3090 Embry Ct, Atlanta GA 30341