The first annual ugly sweater party was a raging success! Couples traveled from all corners of Atlanta to join in the festivities dressed in their finest Christmas knits!


Billy warms up with hamstring stretches. He likes to bring his A-game when large quantities of fruitcake and eggnog are at stake.


The prize for 1980’s matching cotton knits go to Ken & Hector. “Ugly” is not in Ken’s vocabulary… so he settled for this borderline tacky (yet sophisticated) purple vest paired with vintage cuff links. Bravo! Bravo!



And the prize for most crafty sweaters goes to Jordan & Jeff. Through a mixed medium of puffy paint, LED lights and felt, Jordan created the perfect blend of style and festive decor. The baby Jesus seen on the back of her sweater has been delicately glued and stitched to reflect the couples excellent taste in Mid-Century Modern Design. Truly one-of-a-kind. For more information on how to get your hands on one of these custom made sweaters, visit


The prize for most colorful ladies, hand-knit, dog sweater goes to Steve. Although the vivid colors in Steve’s sweater resemble a Christmas theme, this light cotton cardigan is actually one of Steve’s favorite everyday sweaters.

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