Another balmy 15 below zero outside today! The snow partially melted then re-froze again last night making the neighborhood roads ideal for ice-skating or sledding. I did see one neighbor trying to “ice-board” on Regalwoods. He had a skateboard with the wheels detached. He couldn’t get momentum so he latched on to his friend’s bumper and tried to balance before smacking the ice. Thankfully it was just his rear-end that got bruised.

My next adventure was the hill headed up Foxford Dr. covered in ice, snow and multiple vehicles, fish-tailing in slow motion. If you live in the south you know that people from the south and snow covered roads don’t mix. Most of my fellow southerners get nervous when the forecast calls for snow. The grocery store was stripped of bread, milk and all bottled water a week before the storm came (needless to say it was kind of anti-climatic when it only snowed a couple millimeters this past Thursday).

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