Day #2 It’s cold outside! The homestead in Northcrest got a whopping 5 inches! Well maybe just 4 inches of snow and then another inch of  ice. We went sledding and built a snowman. I think I broke my butt bone falling on the ice. Ma says we need to be careful and ration out the food as best as possible because it could be a week before we make it into the big city for more supplies.

Day #3 It’s still below freezing. Too sore to go play outside, so we played cards all day and drank hot chocolate by the fire. I think Pa put some moonshine in his hot chocolate because he was acting all crazy. Ma is getting annoyed with us kids, says we are driving her nuts.

Day #4 I’m getting sick of beans and rice and potatoes. Pa says we are lucky because there are a lot of folks out there who didn’t stock up before the storm and they have to eat their livestock to stay alive! I could never eat ol’ Bessie, our milk cow, or Spot, the dog… I think I would rather just eat some molasses snow candy instead.

Day #5 We are down to the last rations of food.  Pa ventured out last night and shot a squirrel for the potato soup. I couldn’t eat it, poor thing, so I went to bed hungry. I hate snow. I hate ice. I want to go back to school.

Well it didn’t really happen like that…but it sure felt like it!

Some pictures of Northcrest and Northcrest Modern Homes during the 2011 ICE / snow storm!!

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Modern Homes Atlanta
The “Homestead” in Northcrest
Atlanta Modern Real Estate
JUST LISTED! 3798 Valley Bluff Dr. This-a-way…
Mid-Century Modern Atlanta
One of my favorite Homes in Northcrest. Just got a groovy new Paint job!
Modern Atlanta Homes
Double Decker Mid-Century Modern all snowed in!
Northcrest Neighborhood
This “German Tudor” on Hidden Acres looks like it was Built for the snow!!
Atlanta Modern Homes for sale
The Homestead on Archwood Dr…. snow as far as the eye can see…
Atlanta Northcrest Neighborhood
Freddy the Snowman: “It’s Miller time!”

For a list of current über cool listings CLICK HERE

Looking for that one-of-a-kind  MODERN HOME?  CLICK HERE

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