This ugly duckling needed a serious makeover, and not the 30-minute kind. It had been sitting vacant for over 6 months before it was bought from the bank. Everything needed fixin’, and in my humble (and professional) opinion, I think we done good.

The dramatic and modern color palette is what really sets this Mid-Century, tri-level home apart from the pack. I chose an “Urban Bronze” to accent the beams and facia on the outside, then carried it through to the interior as a juxtaposition with the white tongue and groove ceilings. For those of you who were lucky enough to see the 3360 Archwood Drive renovation you  might be thinking “gosh, those cabinets sure do look familiar?” Well your right, same glossy, zebra veneer, but we decided to go horizontal on the stripe, which lends itself better to the modern design elements of this modern home (at least that’s what they’re saying on HGTV).

3624 Summitridge Drive did not have the notorious “Hollywood bathroom” with the shared shower that so many buyers dislike. Instead there was a full bath with incredible, grey and yellow original, mosaic tile that was cleaned and re-grouted. We then continued with the grey theme, adding the “Carrera” subway tile vertically up the shower walls and extending along one accent wall. The floating vanity was custom built by the same company that did the kitchen.

This master suite differs from most because it has a private deck that overlooks the backyard, which opens up the space and provides even more morning light. It’s also a perfect place to enjoy your morning cup of mocha-java-minty-soy-sugar-free-choco-latte  while listening to the soothing sounds of  nature in your very own wildlife sanctuary backyard, only minutes from the bustling city of Atlanta, and all for $295k…. Ok, enough sales pitch, let’s look at some before and after pictures!!

P.s. This house just hit the market and is priced to sell at $295,000 for all pictures and info CLICK HERE or give me a jingle to set up a showing 404-556-1733. Or for more Modern Atlanta Homes You know where to CLICK.

Mid-Century Modern Homes Atlanta GA
Before: Sorry tree huggers, the pine trees had to go (don’t worry we left the hardwoods)
Atlanta Modern Homes for sale
After: A Home with a view!
Renovation Modern Atlanta GA
Before: a HOT-MESS


Atlanta Modern Home renovations
After: The warm glow of a job well done!
Atlanta Modern Renovation
Before: The 80’s called, the want their brown vinyl windows back!
Atlanta Mid-Century Modern homes
After: Aaaahhhh… the smell of fresh paint …
Atlanta Mid-Century Modern Homes
Before: Living Room had potential and 2 not so attractive ceiling fans
Atlanta Modern Homes for sale
After: An open floor plan with style and function!
Atlanta MCM Homes for sale
After: Because 2 After pics are better than 1.
Atlanta Modern Homes renovations
Before: The 1980’s kitchen cabinets, may they R.I.P
Modern Kitchen Renovation Atlanta
After: Sexy, Glossy, and oh-so-MODERN!
Atlanta Mid-Century Modern Homes
Before: (note to self) Purple walls and pee colored laminate, not a good look.


atlanta Modern homes for sale
After: If Heaven was a bathroom it would look like this.
Atlanta Modern Homes
Before: Master Bedroom, a nightmare come true!
Atlanta Modern Homes for sale
After: Master bedroom, a dream come true!
Atlanta Modern Homes for sale
Before: Lions and Tigers and Wood paneling, OH MY!


Atlanta Mid-Century Modern Homes for sale
After: Behold the emerald city!
Atlanta MOdern Ranch Renovation
Before: Downstairs Bathroom was an assault on the senses!


Atlanta contemporary Homes for sale
After: A modest bathroom all grown up!
Atlanta Mid-Century Modern Renovation
Before: Chicken Coup Disaster!
Atlanta Mid-Century Modern Homes for sale
After: Sometimes less is more, and more is a good thing.

3 thoughts on “A Mid-Century Modern Makeover: Before & After

  1. Christopher says:

    I need THIS house but more on the west side ITP or slightly up. I am discouraged by what I see over this way but this is where I work/live…work in an office close to Cumberland Mall and spend leisure time in town and Marietta.

    Amazing transformation and really terrific aesthetic you guys have. I’m truly impressed.

    • vanessa says:

      Christopher: Northcrest really isn’t all that far. It is less than 2 minutes to 85 N and once you get on 85 you can be in Midtown W in less than 15 minutes. There is rarely any traffic going into the city and it usually starts slowing down right after the 14th street exit. You should keep an open mind and come take a look…. Your right, this house doesn’t exist anywhere close the the west side of town, unless of corse you want to build it 🙂

      • Christopher says:

        Okay…I will plan on doing a drive around…maybe this weekend 🙂

        Building it? Ha…I don’t know that there are alot of builders around Atlanta who would build a house this style today.

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