Oakhurst – A Small Neighborhood That Achieved Star Status

Introducing Oakhurst, A Small Neighborhood with Star Status

Established in the southwest corner of the City of Decatur, is a small historic neighborhood of Oakhurst that covers approximately 1 square mile.    It was originally developed as a streetcar suburb of Atlanta in the year 1892. In 1910 Oakhurst became incorporated with a population of just over 100.    Over the years it has evolved into a desirable neighborhood that has achieved star status.  Oakhurst has become a family, pet-friendly neighborhood with excellent walk-ability and a strong sense of community pride.  Only 6 miles from Downtown Atlanta and 2 miles from the I-285.

Real Estate Market

The Oakhurst housing market is very competitive. The median sale price of a home in Oakhurst was $720K  as of November 2023.  The median sale price per square foot in Oakhurst is $365.  Homes typically sell in 19 days with multiple offers and some with waived contingencies. In fact, many homes sell for about 2% above the list price.  However, a hot home can sell in 8 days for about 5% above list price.

The Oakhurst real estate landscape predominantly consists of medium-sized (three or four bedrooms) to large (four, five, or more bedrooms) single-family homes, along with apartment complexes and high-rise apartments. The residential real estate in Oakhurst is characterized by a diverse mix of homeowners and renters. Many homes in the neighborhood exhibit historical charm, constructed no later than 1939, and some even date back considerably earlier. Additionally, a notable number of residences were built between 1940 and 1969, contributing to the varied architectural character of Oakhurst.  In recent years some new construction has come into the neighborhood to keep up with the housing demand.


Diverse Architecture

Bungalow- Commonly characterized as single-story dwellings with an open-concept living area with 2-3 bedrooms. This style gained popularity for its affordability and compact size. Some bungalows may include an attic space, although this is contingent upon the pitch of the classic gabled roof. Generally, bungalows feature a raised foundation, with entry steps leading up to the house and a covered porch area.

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Bungalow Style Home in Oakhurst


Craftsman-style – Characterized by their low-pitched roofs, wide front porches, and use of natural materials like wood and stone.  While Craftsman style houses  are also bungalows, on the other hand, not every bungalow is a Craftsman-style home.  Typical Craftsman homes are one to one and a half stories tall and the design may be symmetrical or asymmetrical.   Stone or stucco accents on both the interior and exterior are often included into the structure.

Victorian – Known for their elaborate and ornate details, such as intricate woodwork, decorative trim, and vibrant colors. They are multi-level houses featuring decorate exteriors from towering turret windows to mounted wooden latticework.  The steeply pitched roof have an irregular shape.

Tudor Revival-  Identified by their steeply pitched roofs, with decorative half-timbering and prominent chimneys. This architectural style frequently draws inspiration from medieval English design elements. Some other features include:  stucco/stone exterior,  front-facing gables placed in intricate, asymmetrical patterns.  The Tudor style home often positions long, rectangular windows with several panes of glass on either story.

Contemporary/Modern – Some new construction is introducing the contemporary/Modern style into the neighborhood. The Modern style features clean lines, utilizes glass, incorporates flat roofs, and embraces open floor plans. This distinctive architectural style undeniably stands out among other homes in the neighborhood.

Oakhurst Community Association

There are no HOA fees to live in Oakhurst but the community stays involves and created an association that meets once a month.   One of the primary responsibilities of the Oakhurst Community Association is organizing and coordinating a variety of community events. These events range from block parties and neighborhood picnics to cultural festivals and holiday celebrations.

Serving as an advocate for the neighborhood, the association works to address the concerns and interests of Oakhurst residents. This may involve collaborating with local authorities, participating in city planning discussions, and voicing the collective opinions of the community to ensure that Oakhurst remains a desirable and well-maintained place to live.

The association often collaborates with local businesses to support the growth and success of the Oakhurst commercial district. This collaborative effort helps promote a thriving local economy and encourages residents to support nearby shops, restaurants, and services. They have given the neighborhood’s moto, “Putting Down Roots Together Since 1910”.

Oakhurst Village

Situated at the heart of the Oakhurst neighborhood an area known as “Oakhurst Village” is its dedicated business district, offering a range of dining options, art galleries, and locally owned shops. Notably, the neighborhood was once home to the old Scottish Rite Hospital, which moved to the Perimeter District in Atlanta in 1976. Today, the historic building has repurposed itself to host an art gallery, a wine bar, and the Solarium. The Solarium, functioning as both a community center and an event facility, serves as a versatile space. This is where the neighborhood groups convene.


Families with children in the Oakhurst community have access to the exceptional Decatur public schools.

Elementary School – Oakhurst Elementary School PK, K-2, given a grade of “A” by Niche.

Middle School – Beacon Hill Middle School grades 6-8, given a 7/10 score by Great Schools.org.

High School – Decatur High School grades 9-12,  given a grade of “A” by Niche.

There are also private schools in the area if parents would prefer that option.

Outdoor Recreation 

Oakhurst Park – This neighborhood recreational facility spans eight acres and features two multipurpose fields.  There is a concession building and a scoring building.  Visitors can also find a picnic pavilion with grills  restrooms,  bike racks, two lighted tennis courts, a basketball court, and a playground. Additionally, there are two parking areas with walkways connecting various site features. Oakhurst Park serves as the venue for Decatur Parks and Recreation’s youth sports baseball and girls softball, as well as Agnes Scott and DHS softball. The Oakhurst Recreation Center (formerly the Boys and Girls Club) houses the athletic field and indoor pool.

Oakhurst Dog Park – This is a fenced off leash park within one large area with no size separation. A haven for canine companions and their owners. This community-centric park provides a welcoming space where dogs can frolic, socialize, and exercise, Plenty of room for play and lots of shade.

Harmony Park – Harmony Park welcomes visitors with its lush greenery and carefully landscaped surroundings. Serving as a community gathering space, Harmony Park hosts a variety of events throughout the year such as outdoor concerts and art festivals to yoga sessions.  There is also a musical playground for children that encourages creative expression .

 Community Events 

Oakhurst Wine Crawl – Contribute to the backing of FREE public art encounters such as Oakhurst Porchfest and the Decatur Artway – all while indulging in a selection of 100+ wine varieties! In addition, explore the Oakhurst village with 20 participating restaurants and businesses during the Oakhurst Wine Crawl, making it an ideal way to spend an afternoon connecting with your community.  Secure your tickets in advance for discounted prices – you wouldn’t want to miss.

Jazz Nights – The Oakhurst Neighborhood Association hosts FREE sunset concerts showcasing some of the finest jazz artists in the Southeast. These captivating performances will take place on Thursday nights in April and September, offering an ideal opportunity to embrace the outdoors during Atlanta’s beautiful spring and fall months. In spite of rain, the show must go on and the concert will move inside the Solarium.

Porchfest – An annual event that started in 2015 when porches all over the Oakhurst neighborhood transform into stages for solo artists and bands to perform.   It all starts with a single performer or band that finds a neighbor who will host them.  The home must be in the event boundaries and registered with oakhurstporchfest.org/host.  The performer(s) must register and organizers will assign them a specific performance time. Residents fully own and operate this event, and it continues to grow every year.

Decatur Artway – The Decatur Artway sculpture exhibit, a collaborative effort between the City of Decatur and Decatur Arts Alliance, positions 10 artworks throughout the city, each displayed for a duration of two years. Explore these installations around the square and across Oakhurst.

Oakhurst Bluegrass Festival – Oakhurst’s Harmony Park welcomed back the annual festival with a fresh identity: the Decatur BBQ & Bands Festival. Sponsored by Ford’s BBQ, this year’s event offered free admission, an abundance of barbecue and diverse food choices, a bustling vendor’s market, live music, and beer. As always, the proceeds from the festival contribute to The Solarium at Historic Scottish Rite and support their Community Grant Program.

Madison Ave Soap Box Derby – A great event for children that happens every year on Madison Avenue in the Oakhurst Neighborhood. In 2011, the community project of the soapbox derby was initiated by neighbors, and since then, the event has played a pivotal role in supporting numerous local nonprofits dedicated to serving the needs of children.

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The Annual Soapbox Derby in Oakhurst


Eatin’ Good in the Neighborhood

Universal Joint – This venue in Oakhurst exudes a welcoming atmosphere with its spacious patio, offering a menu featuring comforting bar food such as burgers, sandwiches, and quesadillas. The presence of TVs broadcasting the latest big games adds to the place’s reputation as the “Cheers” of the neighborhood where everyone knows your name.

Paolino Italian Restaurant & Homemade Gelateria –  Traditional Italian dishes featuring fresh pasta and homemade sauces and dressings. Indulge in the Gelateria offering 14 varieties of homemade Gelato and 6 flavors of Sorbets. Treat yourself to delightful fresh cookies and desserts.

Ford’s BBQ Oakhurst – Seats up to 60 people spread across the dining room and a pet-friendly patio. Specializes in barbecue and sides, characterized as “Texas-style low and slow BBQ with Southern sides influenced by Mexican flavors.” Additionally, there are vegetarian options available on the menu.

Matador Cantina – Casual Mexican restaurant with all the classics, offering inexpensive but delicious Mexican food. One of Oakhurst’s most popular and family-friendly restaurants.

Night Life

When the sun sets, Oakhurst offers the community entertainment outside their front door.

Sceptre Brewing Arts – An independent craft brewing pub that hosts various activities each week such as Trivia night, The Eastside Cornhole league and sports events.

Imperial – The neighborhood bar offering beer, pub grub & other refreshments in a casual, patio-equipped setting.

Steinbeck’s Ale House –  A teeny, tiny pub with upscale bar food, a great beer selection and frequent live music.

Oakhurst, with its sense of community, diverse culinary scene, artistic vibes, and green spaces, offers a distinctive living experience in Decatur, GA. Whether you’re a resident enjoying the local treasures or a visitor exploring the neighborhood’s charms, Oakhurst welcomes all with open arms, promising a blend of warmth, culture, and creativity.

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