From time to time, people ask us “Why domoREALTY? What makes you different from all the other Atlanta brokerages? What can you do for me that they can’t?”

We are so glad we’ve been asked! Knowing the answers the these excellent questions will help you understand why domoREALTY is the best option when making the important decisions of who to list your home with, or choosing a brokerage that will do their best to help you find the right new home. You can find our answers (and then some…) below.

We look forward to working with you!


Why You Should Work With domoREALTY:

-Our firm’s personalized service means you receive our full attention. Without you, there is no domoREALTY.

-We work tirelessly to get you the BEST, whether it’s the best price for the cherished home you are selling, or the best price to move you into the home of your dreams.

-We don’t claim to be the biggest or the loudest, but we do claim to be the most knowledgeable and all around friendliest Real Estate firm east of the Mississippi.

-Working with a boutique agency means you won’t fall through the cracks. We see you, we hear you, and, most importantly, we work with you.

Bottom line: We don’t sell Atlanta Real Estate because we have to – we sell Atlanta Real Estate because we LOVE to, and that’s what sets us apart!


Not yet convinced? Well, check this out: WE STAGE OUR PROPERTIES! Our firm believes in location, Location, LOCATION, but we also believe just as strongly in staging, Staging, STAGING! Staging really does matter when it comes to successfully selling your home. Scroll down to see the “Before and After” shots of a Northcrest property that received the “domoREALTY Treatment”. “Before” photos were taken by the property’s first listing agent. The house didn’t sell. “After” photos were taken following Vanessa and the domoREALTY staging team’s makeover, a makeover that finally gave the home (and its eager-to-sell owner) the respect it deserved.

You’ve looked at all the photos, but you still need more convincing? Then hop on over to our TESTIMONIALS page and get the honest truth straight from the people who know our work best! And it’s not just our previous buyers and sellers that are singing domoREALTY’s praises – the mainstream press has picked up on the JUICY GOSSIP that domoREALTY is the REAL DEAL!!!

Do you like the way we work, but aren’t in the market yourself? Then tell someone else about us…it’s the neighborly thing to do!

BEFORE - No professional photography
BEFORE – No professional photography


AFTER – Professional photography!


BEFORE – Kitchen with NO staging


AFTER – Staged! This kitchen POPS with the removal of an over-sized breakfast bar and the addition of new, fresh decor.


BEFORE – Sad living room with an abandoned TV.


AFTER – Warm and inviting living room, with plenty of space to entertain!


BEFORE – Bare dining room that feels overwhelming and unwelcoming.


AFTER – Rich and vibrant dining room that feels like home!!!

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