Top Four Parks to Visit Near Downtown Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia offers plenty of great things to do, attractions and places to see. If you’ve chosen to call Atlanta home and you live in or near Downtown, discovering the best parks nearby can be quite a bit of fun. Here are four parks you’ll certainly want to check out very soon.

Sweetwater Creek State Park

Filled with ruins of a historic textile mill, rocky bluffs and seasonal blooms, the Sweetwater Creek State Park should be high on your list. It covers more than 2,500 acres of space in Lithia Springs, found just to the west of Atlanta. The park is located less than 30 minutes from Downtown and offers the perfect serene escape.

Enjoy the George Sparks Reservoir found within the park. The reservoir is perfect for fishing, stand-up paddle boarding and many other activities. The park also offers plenty of picnic spots, great camping options, yurts and so much more.

Stone Mountain Park

You simply cannot miss the opportunity to see Stone Mountain Park if you live in Atlanta. This park is one of the finest in the entire state and many travel from outside of the state to see this incredible park. The Walk-up Trail leads to the summit at Stone Mountain. in a clear day, the view is incredible!

If you’re willing to climb to the top, you’ll discover a view including the Atlanta skyline and the North Georgia Mountains. You can even enjoy the Summit Skyride, if you prefer. The view is incredible, but the park offers so much more with a full 3,200 acres of space. Many trails offer hikers plenty of treks, while the lake offers excellent fishing, canoeing, kayaking and paddle boarding.

Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield

Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield

Offering over 22 miles of trails, the Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield covers over 3,000 acres of space. It’s full of beauty and history with plenty for nature enthusiasts to enjoy. Take in the 11-mile trail loop for a day-long trek and enjoy the wildlife along the way. In addition, you can enjoy great views of the Atlanta skyline.

The park also offers a beginner-ready Environmental trail perfect for viewing wildlife. The Big Mountain Trail is also found here, which offers the mid-level hiker a great option.

Panola Mountain State Park

If you’re a cyclist, the Panola Mountain State Park is for you. This beautiful park is found less than 15 minutes outside the city and offers plenty of public trails for those looking to get out and ride.

The views from the Outcrop Trial and Watershed Trail are some of the best you will find,. In addition, the Alexander Lake PATH Trail offers a great choice with plenty of amazing views to enjoy. One of the best ways to enjoy the park is with a sunset hike.

If you’re looking to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city, you can enjoy all four of these parks from Downtown Atlanta. Each is less than a 30 minute drive (depending on traffic) and offers the perfect Saturday or Sunday escape.

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