What’s worse than moving? A root canal? No. Nothing is worse than moving. (That was a trick question).

The thought of moving and dealing with all the stuff in your basement that’s been mysteriously multiplying since 1985, gives you more anxiety than you can shake a roll of packing tape at.

But truth is, you want to downsize and free up your life so you can spend more time with the family and that cute little grand baby, that calls you Mimi and melts your heart into butter.

Fear not, we are excited to offer the 100% STRESS FREE Concierge Moving Program.

We came up with this idea after talking to a multitude of home owners who feel stuck and overwhelmed by the thought of organizing a move from point A to point B.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Find your new home or the location you want to move to.
  2. Secure the home with our help or one of our out-of-state trusted partners.
  3. Sell your current home. This is where we step in and help schedule organizers, estate sale companies, cleaners, contractors and movers.
  4. List your house on a Thursday and we’ll send you on a weekend getaway to a fabulous cabin in the mountains or a lavish hotel, on us, while we sell your house the first weekend it’s on the market.
  5. Move into your new home with one of our vetted moving companies.
  6. Live happily ever after. Yes, it’s that easy.

Want to map out your future? Let’s have a conversation  404.556.1733

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