A Mid-Century Modern Home, Come and Gone…

December 31st, 2010
by vanessa

Sorry boys and girls, but 3597 Eaglerock Dr. is officially off the market! After the renovation journey, the staging and fun photography session, this Mid-Century Modern Atlanta Home has SOLD. In case you missed the pics from the first blog I’ve included them below because they were OH so fun! Dick and Jane aren’t models (gasp) they are actually Billy and me … But don’t worry, we haven’t let the fame go to our heads… and no modeling agencies are calling us. But if you would like our autographs, we will be selling signed photos on eBay, starting bid $10,000 ­čśë

Happy New Year to you and yours!

P.S. There are more Atlanta Mid-Century Modern Homes coming in 2011

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In-Town Living in Inman Park

October 20th, 2010
by vanessa

Inman Park is yet another historic neighborhood in Atlanta listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Why all Real Estate Agents are NOT created equal.

August 24th, 2010
by vanessa

Whenever I go on a listing appointment and describe how my marketing and staging techniques are worth every dollar, it’s hard for some sellers to grasp the value, especially without seeing visuals. So I decided to pull an example of before and after shots of this Mid-Century Modern Home that was recently re-listed by me in Northcrest (Atlanta’s MCM neighborhood). 3506 Summitridge Dr. is a Ranch with a 2 car garage. Before my team and I got our paws on 3506 Summitridge Dr., it was looking a little sad and lonely. The previous agent’s attempt sell this home was just that – an attempt. Unfortunately, the photos taken of the house did not capture the LUSTER and SPACE of this Mid-Century Modern Ranch with its soaring ceilings, tongue and groove paneling and master suite!! The seller was getting worried that the house wasn’t going to sell. After being referred to me by some friendly neighbors, I walked her through the staging process and explained how staging and professional photography would help sell her house. Words can’t describe what the below pictures display. If you are on the fence about agents and you don’t know which way to turn, ask around… talk to friends and neighbors and get their opinion about the agents who work in your Neighborhood. I STRONGLY SUGGEST WORKING WITH AN AGENT WHO USES STAGING TO SELL THEIR LISTINGS…. WHY?? Just look at the pictures below!!

BEFORE Professional Photography

AFTER Professional Photography by domoREALTY

BEFORE: Kitchen with NO Staging

AFTER: Kitchen pops!! with new decor by domoREALTY

BEFORE: Sad living room with abandoned TV

AFTER: Warm and inviting Living Room with plenty of space to entertain!

BEFORE: cold Dining Room that seems overwhelming.

BEFORE: Bare Dining room that feels overwhelming.

AFTER: Rich and vibrant Dining room that feels like home thanks to the experts of domoREALTY!!